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Steel version:
Foot high carbon steel.
Ball element free-cutting steel.
Stainless steel version:
Foot and ball element stainless steel.

Damper plate PUR elastomer (Sylomer V12).
Steel version:
Foot black oxidised.
Ball element case-hardened and black oxidised.
Stainless steel version:

Anti-slip damper plate grey, glued in.
Temp. range -30 °C to +70 °C.
Drawing reference
1) damper plate

The load rating given in the table is a recommendation of the permanent static load to which the damping element should be used.
This static load corresponds to a surface pressure of 0.4 N/mm² at which the material achieves its optimum absorption properties. It is taken into account that under dynamic loading an additional load of up to 0.6 N/mm² may occur.
The damper plate absorbs vibrations and prevents the swivel foot slipping.

For swivel feet without vibration absorption see article No. 07144.