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Hook clamps with collar and cam lever


Body and hook, high-carbon steel.

Handles, cast aluminium EN AC-46200.

Thrust washer, fibreglass reinforced plastic PA 66 GF 35-X.

Hinge pin, stud and washer stainless steel 1.4305.
Body and hook tempered and black oxidised.
Handles, black powder-coated.
Thrust washer black.
Hinge pin, stud and washer bright.
Ideal for clamping where the parts are to be inserted from above as the hook can be swivelled out of the way.

The exact clamping height is set by the fine thread on the stud using a screwdriver. This setting can be secured with the locking screw. The length S corresponds to the cam travel.
Drawing reference
1) Locking screw for pin
2) Screw for fine adjustment of lever

Hook clamps

The hook clamp and the cam lever are now indispensable components in the norelem clamping device range.

The combination of both of these components is exceptionally useful for clamping processes in which the parts are introduced from above. The hook clamp can be pivoted by 90°, thus making it far easier to add and remove workpieces. Thanks to the fine thread on the stud, the exact clamping height can be adjusted using a screwdriver. In addition, this adjustment can be secured using the set screw.

norelem offers hook clamps with collar and cam lever in four different versions.