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Ball lock pins

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    Ball lock pin

    Release at the press of a knob:
    With ball lock pins from norelem components and workpieces can be quickly and easily joined and fastened.

    Pressing a button in the head of the pin releases the ball lock allowing the pin to be pushed through a hole in the parts to be joined. When the spring loaded button is released, the balls lock automatically making the fastening inseparable. I is because of this functioning method that they are called "Ball lock pins, self-locking".

    In machine construction, ball lock pins are mainly used when connecting and locking elements are required by e.g. fixtures, mounting frames or grid plates. They are aslo used as quick fastening elements in the aerospace and electronic industries and in apparatus and equipment construction to quickly join machine elements. Ball lock pins also reduce setup times and are ideal for use where e.g. hinge pins must often be removed as by a clevis joint for instance.

    The product range from norelem includes various types of ball lock pin. Two sorts of grip can be chosen from, a T-grip or an L-grip. Apart from the standard version (thermoplastic/steel) norelem also offers a version where the entire ball lock pin including the grip and button are made of stainless steel.