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Precision Three-Jaw Chucks Now Available From norelem

Accuracy and effective workholding has always been key to engineering. Now, engineers can hold workpieces securely with the highest precision while at low clamping forces, thanks to norelem’s new precision three-jaw chucks

Specially developed to easily hold cylindrical workpieces externally or internally, norelem’s three-jaw chucks are ideal for holding tasks such as measuring technology or laser labelling.

The components are designed for manual operation and are available in four compact sizes with diameters of 50mm, 64mm, 104mm and 160mm. The bodies of the 50mm and 64mm chucks are made from steel, while the 104mm and 160mm versions are made from aluminium so they are light and ergonomic to handle. For increased durability, the chuck’s jaws are engineered from hardened steel.

“We have added these precision three-jaw chucks to our range because we know just how important it is to be able to securely hold cylindrical workpieces easily and efficiently,” said Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem. “To meet this challenge, the jaws on our components are easily operable, and are opened and closed by simply rotating the clamping ring by hand or using the supplied lever.”

With a concentricity of <0.03mm, a circular runout of <0.01mm and a repeat clamping precision of <0.01mm, the new workholding technology from norelem offers excellent performance and accuracy. The hardened jaws are stepped on the internal diameter and can be reversed. To further help engineers, numbers are marked on the top and bottom of each jaw and this number must match the number marked on the matching slot on the chuck body.

norelem also supplies different sized pins as an accessory to these chucks from their standard components catalogue THE BIG GREEN BOOK. The pins fit into the holes of the jaws and will hold small parts in a raised position. This makes all faces of a workpiece accessible for tasks such as measuring or marking. The chuck can be fixed in place using the thread on the rear side.